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05:12, Sunday, 25.03.2018
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Author: akaki

The social advertisement
The social advertisement was prepared in the frame of the project “Support to the defense of rights of women,
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:00:22      Added: 25.03.2016      Views: 4676
Demonstration - Don't blow to me!
Don't blow to me!- on March 4, demonstrators in front of the Tbilisi Public School # 64 addressed to
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:08      Added: 04.03.2016      Views: 4617
Presentation of the Report
Human Rights Center finalized the study of the Pardon Power, which included the survey into Georgian and foreign countries’
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:30      Added: 01.03.2016      Views: 4671
Presentation of the Report
On February 24, Human Rights Center presented the report State of the Cultural Heritage of the Religious Minorities in
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:05:18      Added: 25.02.2016      Views: 4647
Media-tour in Akhaltsikhe and Adigeni
On February 9, Human Rights Center organized a media-tour in the villages of Akhaltsikhe and Adigeni municipalities. The media-tour
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:36      Added: 17.02.2016      Views: 4103
Prisoners with grave health conditions are not rel
On February, Human Rights Center's representatives held press-conference about the problems of sick prisoners. Human Rights Center processes cases
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:59      Added: 16.02.2016      Views: 3959
Cultural Heritage of Religious Minorities
The film is about the state of cultural heritage of religious minorities in Georgia. Part of places of worship
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:40:15      Added: 16.02.2016      Views: 5717
Protect cultural heritage of Georgia!
Protect cultural heritage of Georgia!
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:00:14      Added: 18.01.2016      Views: 5605
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