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02:14, Saturday, 21.04.2018
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Author: hridc

Convicted women were awarded with certificates
Inmates of the penitentiary establishment # 5, who participated in the art-therapy program, received certificates. The project implemented by
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:01:55      Added: 13.04.2018      Views: 2094
Unsubstantiated refusal
Azerbaijani citizen is refused to enter Georgia without any clarifications. Her husband has been unsuccessfully waiting the MIA to
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:04:10      Added: 26.02.2018      Views: 16591
Social Video-Roll
Human Rights Center will provide female and juvenile prisoners with free legal aid.
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:00:20      Added: 05.02.2018      Views: 8512
ICC investigation and Georgian Coalition for ICC
Georgian Coalition for ICC resumed its work. The Georgian human rights organizations are unified in the GCICC for the
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:10:48      Added: 09.01.2018      Views: 10589
Author: hridc      Dimensions: 499 x 275      Added: 26.12.2017      Views: 265
Violence in public schools
What is happening in public schools and how to combat violence among underage children?! At the moment, the inter-agency
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:10:54      Added: 21.12.2017      Views: 5322
Public Defender (2012-2017 Progress Report)
On November 27, Ucha Nanuashvili presented the 2012-2017 Progress Report of the PDO to the representatives of the Parliament
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:13:01      Added: 07.12.2017      Views: 7056
Persecution of Azerbaijani activists in Georgia
The video story tells about the intimidation and persecution of Azerbaijani activists Dashgin Agalarl and Afgan Mukhtarl in Georgia
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:24:51      Added: 01.12.2017      Views: 3880
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