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09:31, Friday, 19.01.2018
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Main Theme
ICC investigation and Georgian Coalition for ICC
Georgian Coalition for ICC resumed its work. The Georgian human rights organizations are unified in the GCICC for the
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:10:48      Added: 09.01.2018      Views: 3646
Violence in public schools
What is happening in public schools and how to combat violence among underage children?! At the moment, the inter-agency
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:10:54      Added: 21.12.2017      Views: 3615
Public Defender (2012-2017 Progress Report)
On November 27, Ucha Nanuashvili presented the 2012-2017 Progress Report of the PDO to the representatives of the Parliament
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:13:01      Added: 07.12.2017      Views: 5484
Persecution of Azerbaijani activists in Georgia
The video story tells about the intimidation and persecution of Azerbaijani activists Dashgin Agalarl and Afgan Mukhtarl in Georgia
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:24:51      Added: 01.12.2017      Views: 2336
Social video-roll
Social video-roll of Human Rights Center. In case of discrimination on religious grounds, please apply to Human Rights Center
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:00:25      Added: 22.11.2017      Views: 2085
the new rule of witness interrogation
Human Rights Center finalized working on the research – New Rule of Witness Interrogation.The research revealed negative and positive
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:09:38      Added: 20.10.2017      Views: 5450
Torture Tradition
The video story tells about the physical assault, torture and inhuman treatment of Sergo Mamasakhlisi by the police officers
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:09:55      Added: 06.10.2017      Views: 5052
Healthcare behind Bars
Hridc.tv inquired about the present problems and challenges of the penitentiary medical system and what positive reforms were carried
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:11:36      Added: 02.10.2017      Views: 2543
Istanbul Convention - TV-Discussion
TV-Company Trialeti - Talk-Show "Different Opinion"
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:33:53      Added: 05.09.2017      Views: 9785
Social video-roll
Social video-roll by Human Rights Center. If you are discriminated on ethnic or national grounds, please apply to Human
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:00:25      Added: 13.07.2017      Views: 18915
Status of self-governing cities - GPB Channel I
Nongovernmental organizations protest abolition of self-governing status for 8 cities and call on the government to start dialogue
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:02:05      Added: 19.05.2017      Views: 11507
NGOs meet Lasha Tordia
Chief Auditor of Georgia met representatives of the nongovernmental organizations. Lasha Tordia does not trust the investigative bodies
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:02:39      Added: 19.05.2017      Views: 2218
08/08 (Part 2)
International Criminal Court has been investigating the 2008 August war for one year already. Soon, the ICC will open
Author: alexx      Duration: 00:13:35      Added: 24.04.2017      Views: 2452
08/08 (Part 1)
International Criminal Court has been investigating the 2008 August war for one year already. Soon, the ICC will open
Author: alexx      Duration: 00:16:49      Added: 24.04.2017      Views: 12839
Presentation of HRC and GDI presentations
On March 31, Human Rights Center and Georgian Democracy Initiative presented the reports Rights of Women, Religious and Ethnic
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:04:00      Added: 06.04.2017      Views: 9073
Problem of prisoners with disabilities
Human Rights Center reports about the problems of the prison inmates, who have grave health problems and calls on
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:01:57      Added: 24.03.2017      Views: 7047
Price of Dignity (Part 1)
Hundreds of convicts were victims of torture and inhuman treatment in penitentiary establishments that significantly worsened their health conditions.
Author: alexx      Duration: 00:11:33      Added: 17.03.2017      Views: 6211
Woman- Victim of Violence
Domestic violence is still a major challenge in Georgia. The hero of the video-story divorced her husband four years
Author: alexx      Duration: 00:17:54      Added: 16.03.2017      Views: 2607
Price of Dignity (Part 2)
Hundreds of convicts were victims of torture and inhuman treatment in penitentiary establishments that significantly worsened their health conditions.
Author: alexx      Duration: 00:11:33      Added: 14.03.2017      Views: 2320
Case of Bakur Kiguradze
On March 10, representatives of Human Rights Center held a press-conference about the case of political prisoner Bakur Kiguradze.
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:03:26      Added: 10.03.2017      Views: 5251
Rustavi2 Live with the Lawyer of HRIDC
Lawyer Eka Lomidze thinks it is inadmissible to speak about the guiltiness of the Archdeacon Giorgi Mamaladze in imperative
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:05:27      Added: 15.02.2017      Views: 6798
Request of Human Rights Defenders
News-item of the TV-Company Maestro: Human Rights Center is concerned with the ineffective response of the Marneuli district prosecutor's
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:02:03      Added: 14.02.2017      Views: 2759
Victim claims compensation from the MIA
On February 8 Human Rights Center held a press-conference in the press-club of the Prime Time. Representatives of the
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:02:16      Added: 08.02.2017      Views: 2808
Presentation of the Annual Report
On January 30, in the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia, Human Rights Center presented the annual report,
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:03:32      Added: 06.02.2017      Views: 2926
Aleko Tskitishvili -Guest at Radio Liberty
On January 31, head of Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili was guest of the Morning Talks at the Radio
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:39:12      Added: 02.02.2017      Views: 3778
Social advertisement
International Criminal Court commenced investigation into alleged war crimes committed during 2008 August War in Georgia. Cooperate with the investigation! Contact
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:00:23      Added: 28.12.2016      Views: 14875
Communication restrictions
On December 15, Human Rights Center held press-conference. The human rights defenders protested restricted right of prisoners to use
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:03:09      Added: 16.12.2016      Views: 7054
Human Rights Center Has Turned 20!
On December 9, Human Rights Center marked its 20th birthday in the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia.
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:09:06      Added: 14.12.2016      Views: 3688
Constitutional Lawsuit of Human Rights Center
On December 8 Human Rights Center held press-conference about the constitutional lawsuit of the organization, where the Center claims
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:02:45      Added: 09.12.2016      Views: 4695
2016 Parliamentary Elections
The film is about 2016 Parliamentary Elections and its results. The film demonstrates the violations, systemic problems and different
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:22:16      Added: 18.11.2016      Views: 10320
victimized deposit holders ask for help
Victimized deposit holders of the financial company Georgia addressed the ruling party, in particular the Prime-Minister and law enforcement
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:02:15      Added: 15.11.2016      Views: 6048
Changes after the 2016 Parliamentary Elections
On October 31, executive director of Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili was invited to the Morning Talks of the
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:12:35      Added: 02.11.2016      Views: 6381
Qvemo Qartli TV
Human Rights Center in Village Samshvilde
Author:       Duration: 00:03:31      Added: 25.10.2016      Views: 5827
Oppression on observers
NGOs request MIA to promptly respond to the facts of interference in the work of observers on the Election
Author:       Duration: 00:03:19      Added: 24.10.2016      Views: 3050
Dispute about the construction of mosque
TV-item prepared by Gurjaani TV
Author:       Duration: 00:04:35      Added: 20.10.2016      Views: 3898
Human Rights Center's statement
Representative of Human Rights Center stated that number of femicide cases has significantly increased in the country. The Ministry
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:04:40      Added: 07.10.2016      Views: 4043
Dragged out discussion
The documentary film by the HRIDC.TV tells about the story of the revision of the bills initiative to control
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:16:18      Added: 06.10.2016      Views: 8107
Election Environment 2016
Human Rights Center Video Studio’s movie presents the 2016 pre-election environment
Author:       Duration: 00:20:28      Added: 30.09.2016      Views: 4415
Grave Crime in Marneuli
The lawyers of Human Rights Center spoke about the case of raped underage pregnant girl in Marneuli Municipality in
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:02:54      Added: 26.09.2016      Views: 5681
The legislative initiative
Human Rights Center holds the press-conference about the legislative initiative, which calls on to abolish charging prisoners
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:04:31      Added: 10.08.2016      Views: 4386
Discussion about Femicide
Round table about abuse of women’s rights and domestic violence was held in Human Rights Center. MP Ani Mirotadze,
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:08:17      Added: 05.08.2016      Views: 3871
Press-Conference in Prime-Time
Human Rights Center held a press-conference in the press-club of Prime Time about the law violation by the company
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:07:46      Added: 15.07.2016      Views: 9377
Press--Conference in the Georgian Bar Association
Human Rights Center held press-conference together with the chairman of the Georgian Bar Association Zaza Khatiashvili. The topic of
Author:       Duration: 00:07:31      Added: 13.07.2016      Views: 3093
Who lobbies tobacco industry
The film exposes facts of lobby of the tobacco industry, illegal sponsorship and advertising by the tobacco companies in
Author:       Duration: 00:24:31      Added: 07.07.2016      Views: 5250
Dragged out investigation
The family of Anzor Garibashvili, who died two years ago, is looking for his body. After three-day search in
Author:       Duration: 00:03:02      Added: 04.07.2016      Views: 4048
Meeting in Marneuli
Representatives of Human Rights Center meet local civil activists in Marneuli Civic Engagement Center. TV-reportage by TV-Company Kvemo Kartli
Author:       Duration: 00:03:21      Added: 27.06.2016      Views: 6033
Former Convict Requests Compensation
On June 17, representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference. The human rights defenders appealed the court about the
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:04:15      Added: 21.06.2016      Views: 4780
Birthday of Khatija Ismayil
Human rights defenders dedicated a special conference to the birthday and release of Khatije Ismayil, journalist of the Radio
Author:       Duration: 00:08:56      Added: 03.06.2016      Views: 7725
Unassessed and uncompensated damage in Ditsi villa
Lawyer of Human Rights Center's Shida Kartli office calls on the Gori district administration to evaluate the damage people
Author:       Duration: 00:03:33      Added: 03.06.2016      Views: 3512
Businessman Tanrived Kasumov owns 100% of assets in the resort Ujarma. The state has distrained his property for unclear
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:14:11      Added: 03.06.2016      Views: 3958
Press-Conference of Human Rights Center in Rustav
Lawyer of Human Rights Center's Rustavi office held a press-conference
Author:       Duration: 00:02:42      Added: 02.06.2016      Views: 3374
World Day without Tobacco- demonstration in front
On May 31, Tobacco Control Alliantce held a demonstration "Do Not Blow on Me" to mark the World Day
Author:       Duration: 00:04:26      Added: 01.06.2016      Views: 3053
Human Rights Center held a meeting in Kabali villa
Human Rights Center introduced Azerbaijani population of Kabali village, Lagodekhi municipality with legal norms and provided them with free
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:04:16      Added: 01.06.2016      Views: 3346
Screening of the Film - "Violence in the Name of L
On May 24, Human Rights Center presented a documentary film "Violence in the Name of Law" in the conference
Author:       Duration: 00:01:33      Added: 30.05.2016      Views: 2974
Failed Control
In 2006, by ratifying the Convention on the Tobacco Control of the World Health Organization, the State took responsibility
Author:       Duration: 00:24:13      Added: 20.05.2016      Views: 6282
Devastated farm of Temur Gigashvili
Individual entrepreneur Temur Gigashvili claims compensation for the damage he received during 2008Russian-Georgian war
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:03:10      Added: 19.05.2016      Views: 3470
Devastated farm of Temur Gigashvili
Individual entrepreneur Temur Gigashvili claims compensation for the damage he received during 2008Russian-Georgian war
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:03:03      Added: 19.05.2016      Views: 4514
Former prisoner claims compensation
On May 11, representatives of Human Rights Center held a press-conference about the case of the former tortured prisoner
Author:       Duration: 00:03:35      Added: 11.05.2016      Views: 5083
Presentation of the Survey - Tobacco Free Environm
On May 5, the Tobacco Control Alliance presented the survey about public opinion about tobacco free environment. The Sociology
Author:       Duration: 00:05:37      Added: 06.05.2016      Views: 3241
Soviet Symbols and Freedom Charter
How does the Freedom Charter work?! Georgievski Ribbons and Soviet Symbols in Gori. TV-story by TV-Company Trialeti
Author:       Duration: 00:05:49      Added: 04.05.2016      Views: 4667
Discussion of the Legislative Proposal
On April 26, the legal committee of the Parliament of Georgia discussed the legal proposal of Human Rights Center
Author:       Duration: 00:06:10      Added: 27.04.2016      Views: 5111
Asirian People in Georgia
On April 21, representatives of Human Rights Center visited ethnic Asirian citizens of Georgia in Gardabani municipality. During the
Author:       Duration: 00:04:49      Added: 25.04.2016      Views: 4424
Protest in Tsdo village
On April 20, locals protested construction of 220 kilowatt electricity transmitting system in Tsdo village of Kazbegi municipality. Locals
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:05:56      Added: 25.04.2016      Views: 3857
Discussion after the film screening
Human Rights Center screened a documentary film by HRIDC video-studio "Big Investigation" in the office of Open Society Georgia
Author:       Duration: 00:18:21      Added: 25.04.2016      Views: 3110
Davit Sokolov requests reimbursement of damage
On April 15, representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference about the case former TV-anchor Davit Sokolov. The Center
Author:       Duration: 00:04:07      Added: 19.04.2016      Views: 4849
Unpunished trade
The film tells about the violations related with the tobacco trading. The Georgian Legislation strictly regulates the issues related
Author:       Duration: 00:19:35      Added: 06.04.2016      Views: 6282
This Affects You
Civil activists from Gori also joined the protest demonstration of the campaign This Affects You (reportage by TV-Company Trialeti
Author:       Duration: 00:01:52      Added: 01.04.2016      Views: 4195
Don't Blow to Me!- Demonstration at Shardeni
On March 26, Alliance of Tobacco Control organized a protest demonstration in Shardeni Street - "Don't Blow to Me!".
Author:       Duration: 00:05:09      Added: 28.03.2016      Views: 4782
The social advertisement
The social advertisement was prepared in the frame of the project “Support to the defense of rights of women,
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:00:22      Added: 25.03.2016      Views: 4074
Greeks, who returned to Tsalka claim their houses back. It creates problems for eco-migrants from Adjara, who were settled
Author:       Duration: 00:15:53      Added: 23.03.2016      Views: 2385
Claims of Torture Victim Prisoners
On March 22, representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference about the claims of the torture victim prisoners.The prisoners
Author:       Duration: 00:03:16      Added: 23.03.2016      Views: 3664
Meeting with Women in Pankisi Gorge
Human Rights Center held meeting in Duisi village of Pankisi Gorge, which aimed to inform local women about their
Author:       Duration: 00:04:22      Added: 21.03.2016      Views: 3593
Society had unequal reaction on the lengthy process of re-planting huge Liriodendron from Tsikhisdziri
Author:       Duration: 00:21:46      Added: 18.03.2016      Views: 3392
Strike of Miners
Several-day strike of miners in Tkibuli MIndeli Mine finished with the satisfaction of their requests
Author:       Duration: 00:06:05      Added: 14.03.2016      Views: 4990
Disputed Cemetery
Controversy about Christian and Muslim Cemeteries ended with the agreement between both Christian and Muslim communities in Adigeni village
Author:       Duration: 00:04:07      Added: 07.03.2016      Views: 6377
Demonstration - Don't blow to me!
Don't blow to me!- on March 4, demonstrators in front of the Tbilisi Public School # 64 addressed to
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:08      Added: 04.03.2016      Views: 3794
Presentation of the Report
On February 24, Human Rights Center presented the report State of the Cultural Heritage of the Religious Minorities in
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:05:18      Added: 25.02.2016      Views: 3960
Lost painting
Painting of the blind artist Giorgi Kobelashvili lost after the exhibition in Czech Republic
Author:       Duration: 00:08:19      Added: 19.02.2016      Views: 4763
Are rights of detainees breached?
TV-story of the news program Moambe of the Georgian Public Broadcasting
Author:       Duration: 00:02:56      Added: 19.02.2016      Views: 3584
Information Meeting
Representatives of the Human Rights Center's Shida Kartli office held information meeting with the population of the Upper Nikozi
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:02:09      Added: 18.02.2016      Views: 3112
Media-tour in Akhaltsikhe and Adigeni
On February 9, Human Rights Center organized a media-tour in the villages of Akhaltsikhe and Adigeni municipalities. The media-tour
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:36      Added: 17.02.2016      Views: 3413
Prisoners with grave health conditions are not rel
On February, Human Rights Center's representatives held press-conference about the problems of sick prisoners. Human Rights Center processes cases
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:59      Added: 16.02.2016      Views: 3281
Cultural Heritage of Religious Minorities
The film is about the state of cultural heritage of religious minorities in Georgia. Part of places of worship
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:40:15      Added: 16.02.2016      Views: 4999
Places of Worship of Religious Minorities
Human Rights Center studied the conditions of the cultural heritage of religious minorities in Georgia. Representatives of the Center
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:03:14      Added: 11.02.2016      Views: 3822
The Homless shelter
The Lilo shelter is organized to receive 240 persons. The building is in accordance with the modern standards. The
Author:       Duration: 00:14:49      Added: 09.02.2016      Views: 2808
Large-Scaled Investigation
The Hague International Criminal Court will commence investigation into the alleged war crimes committed during 2008 August War. The
Author:       Duration: 00:28:14      Added: 08.02.2016      Views: 6323
Labor Safety
More and more employees are injured because of absence of safety norms in working places in Georgia. According to
Author:       Duration: 00:12:04      Added: 03.02.2016      Views: 4741
Disputable Churches
Nowadays, there are five historical churches in Georgia which the Catholic Church claims as theirs though all of them
Author:       Duration: 00:16:42      Added: 02.02.2016      Views: 4336
Press-Conference - Cases of "Spies"
On January 27, representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference. They requested removal of the top secret status from
Author:       Duration: 00:05:38      Added: 27.01.2016      Views: 6199
„Cheap“ Work
Former employees of the supermarket networks Foodmart, Spar and Ioli complain about improper and degrading working conditions. Lawyers of
Author:       Duration: 00:13:13      Added: 27.01.2016      Views: 3191
Socially vulnerable persons in Bagdati municipalit
Part of socially vulnerable persons living in Bagdati municipality lost the status after their rating points increased. They believe
Author:       Duration: 00:08:02      Added: 27.01.2016      Views: 2946
Protect cultural heritage of Georgia!
Protect cultural heritage of Georgia!
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:00:14      Added: 18.01.2016      Views: 5047
Press-Conference - Scandal about Pardon Commission
On January 14, Human Rights Center held press-conference about the statements of Aleko Elisashvili, former chairman of the Pardon
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:05:43      Added: 14.01.2016      Views: 5582
Facts of policemen violence in Gurjaani
Ladi Elikashvili, 19, resident of Dzirkoki village in Gurjaani municipality, blames the head of Gurjaani district department of the
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:10:21      Added: 12.01.2016      Views: 5266
Attack on the Royal Hall of Jehovah Witnesses
Fire opened against the Royal Hall of the Jehovah Witnesses in Vazisubani settlement
Author:       Duration: 00:03:37      Added: 06.01.2016      Views: 5210
Police officers blamed in oppression
Head of Mejvriskhevi police unit and his deputy blamed in oppression
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:02:54      Added: 04.01.2016      Views: 3413
Free legal aid
Free legal aid at Human Rights Center
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:00:20      Added: 28.12.2015      Views: 5610
Ilia Abkhazava's case
On December 23, Human Rights Center held press-conference about abuse of power and ill-treatment of prisoners by prison personnel
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:03:57      Added: 25.12.2015      Views: 4359
Dream Town
Inhabitants of the Dream Town in Khelvachauri municipality live in unbearable conditions
Author:       Duration: 00:12:11      Added: 23.12.2015      Views: 3873
Tamar Avaliani about CPT Report
On December 16, lawyer of Human Rights Center Tamar Avaliani was invited to the Morning Program on Radio Liberty.
Author:       Duration: 00:39:59      Added: 18.12.2015      Views: 4894
დაშგინ აღარარლის და ადამ ესმურზიევის „სტატუსი“
დაშგინ აღარარლის და ადამ ესმურზიევის „სტატუსი“
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:06:42      Added: 07.12.2015      Views: 2988
Tamar Avaliani on Radio Liberty
On September 15, Radio Liberty/Free Europe invited Tamar Avaliani, head of the Legal Aid Center at Human Rights Center,
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:21:02      Added: 15.09.2014      Views: 1688
საღამოს პიკის საათი
კრიმინალის ზრდა, საზოგადოების მოლოდინი და მოთხოვნები ხელისუფლებისადმი. სტუმრები: ალეკო ცქიტიშვილი - ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრი, მამუკა გამყრელიძე - საზოგადოება "ივერია"
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:44:31      Added: 10.09.2014      Views: 2038
hone conversation of two ministers
Conversation of two ministers of internal affairs
Author:       Duration: Warning:      Added: 02.11.2009      Views: 147
Author: hridc      Dimensions: 499 x 275      Added: 26.12.2017      Views: 18
April, 9
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