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23:09, Thursday, 19.04.2018
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About Us

Break the Silence!

Spanish proverb says: when God closes a door, it opens a window instead.

Today, Georgian media has lost its function and has turned into a tool of propaganda and reports only false information. Thus, it has become urgently necessary to create sources for free expression. The Human Rights Center has started to support the development of new media and internet-media which is independent space. This resource is one of those windows which is mentioned in the Spanish proverb.

http://www.hridc.rv/ is the first video-portal on human rights in Georgia. We cooperate with independent studios whose video-products will be published on our website. We also prepare our own TV-products. Every user can register on the website and upload their video-materials on it. Unfortunately, the leading media companies cannot publish the materials which will be posted on our website. However, the truth will never lose its way if it is denied. Only the person who tries to deny the truth will lose much.

We can break the silence together.

Ucha Nanuashvili
Executive Director of the Human Rights Center

For additional information you can visit our websites:
http://www.humanrights.ge/http://www.hridc.org/; http://www.apsni.org/     

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