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05:25, Sunday, 25.03.2018
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Rights of the Women
Social roll - NO to Domestic Violence
Victims of domestic violence are advised to apply to Tbilisi, Gori, Rustavi and Gurjaani offices of Human Rights Center
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:00:25      Added: 14.06.2017      Views: 13470
Presentation of HRC and GDI presentations
On March 31, Human Rights Center and Georgian Democracy Initiative presented the reports Rights of Women, Religious and Ethnic
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:04:00      Added: 06.04.2017      Views: 9823
Woman- Victim of Violence
Domestic violence is still a major challenge in Georgia. The hero of the video-story divorced her husband four years
Author: alexx      Duration: 00:17:54      Added: 16.03.2017      Views: 3549
Request of Human Rights Defenders
News-item of the TV-Company Maestro: Human Rights Center is concerned with the ineffective response of the Marneuli district prosecutor's
Author: hridc      Duration: 00:02:03      Added: 14.02.2017      Views: 3345
Case of Parchukashvili
On September 24, Human Rights Center held press-conference about alleged ill-treatment of the convicted woman in Prison # 5
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:05:39      Added: 29.09.2015      Views: 8065
HRIDC on Prison Conditions
On September 10, 2015, executive director of Human Rights Center, Aleko Tskitishvili and project coordinator, Nino Tsagareishvili visited the
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:19:02      Added: 18.09.2015      Views: 8254
Presentation of the Report
On September 9, Human Rights Center presented report "State of Women and Juvenile Prisoners in Georgia". The report was prepared
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:04:20      Added: 15.09.2015      Views: 6062
Conditions of Female Prisoners
Full examination procedure, absence of long dates and unified line of medical referral - this is incomplete list of
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:03:04      Added: 02.09.2015      Views: 4905
Problems of Female Prisoners
Part of the female prisoners in N5 prison facility talk about the degrading procedure of full examination which includes
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:09:08      Added: 01.09.2015      Views: 9434
Human Rights of Transgenders and Women in Georgia
What legislative amendments are made by the government to protect interests of minorities, women and other vulnerable groups; what
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:25:26      Added: 30.04.2015      Views: 5347
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