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05:24, Sunday, 25.03.2018
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Freedom of Assembly
Victim claims compensation from the MIA
On February 8 Human Rights Center held a press-conference in the press-club of the Prime Time. Representatives of the
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:02:16      Added: 08.02.2017      Views: 4029
Protest in Tsdo village
On April 20, locals protested construction of 220 kilowatt electricity transmitting system in Tsdo village of Kazbegi municipality. Locals
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:05:56      Added: 25.04.2016      Views: 4885
Strike of Miners
Several-day strike of miners in Tkibuli MIndeli Mine finished with the satisfaction of their requests
Author:       Duration: 00:06:05      Added: 14.03.2016      Views: 6059
Disputable Churches
Nowadays, there are five historical churches in Georgia which the Catholic Church claims as theirs though all of them
Author:       Duration: 00:16:42      Added: 02.02.2016      Views: 5431
Freedom of Religion in Georgia
On March 6 Human Rights Center presented report of the project Promoting Freedom of Religion in Georgia. Representatives of
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:03:39      Added: 06.03.2015      Views: 9530
Demonstration to protest violence against women
Demonstrations to protest violence against women were simultaneously organized in 23 cities and towns of the country. Participants presented
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:04:57      Added: 26.11.2014      Views: 6282
Crisis in Zestaponi
Owners of Zestaponi old market protest radioactive pollution of the trading territory and blocking entries to the market by
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:10:01      Added: 11.11.2014      Views: 6581
Controversy in Mokhe
Controversy between Orthodox and Muslim community started on religious grounds in Mokhe village, Adigeni municipality
Author: ratihridc      Duration: 00:14:49      Added: 31.10.2014      Views: 14057
Support Ukraine
On October 22, member organizations of the EaP CSO National Platform of Georgia held demonstration in support of Ukraine
Author: akaki      Duration: 00:02:41      Added: 24.10.2014      Views: 7900
Demonstration in Support of Azerbaijan Human Right
On October 17 civil activists held demonstration in support of human rights defenders arrested in Azerbaijan.
Author:       Duration: 00:03:12      Added: 20.10.2014      Views: 7659
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